WordPress Parent Company Automattic Raises $300M in Series D Investment Round

The company behind WordPress, WooCommerce, Automattic, has raised a funding of $300 million in a series D round from Salesforce’s venture capital (VC) arm Salesforce Ventures. This raises its valuation to to $3 Billion

This is Automattic’s first exeternal investment since its $160 million series C round back in 2014, which valued the company at $1.16 billion. Off the back of its latest investment, Automattic said it now has a valuation of $3 billion. Since its first funding the company has scaled to have more than 950 employees and has made several strategic acquisitions, including WooCommerce in 2015 and Tumblr (closing in 2019).

Speaking about the latest news, CEO Matt Mulleneweg said the funds will enable the company to speed up and scale its product development, as well as continue the company’s continual contributions to WordPress:

For Automattic, the funding will allow us to accelerate our roadmap (perhaps by double) and scale up our existing products—including WordPress.com, WordPress VIP, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and (in a few days when it closes) Tumblr. It will also allow us to increase investing our time and energy into the future of the open source WordPress and Gutenberg.

Founded in 2005, Automattic which owns WordPress now boasts of several acquisitions in its fold. Apart from its most recent purchase, Tumblr, they have, Longreads, a long-form content platform , note-taking app Simplenote, CloudUp, a drag-and-drop file-sharing platform called , GlotPress collaborative translation tool, and a survey-creating platform PollDaddy now called Crowdsignal.

WordPress started as an open-source blogging platform, but is has slowly evolved into a highly customizable content management system. With it you can create almost any solution to fit your needs, for instance, show your portfolio, build a restaurant website, run an e-commerce company or even distribute news articles to millions of readers.

In a recent interview with TechCruch, CEO Matt Mullenweg told Romain Dillet

“What we want to do is to become the operating system for the open web. We want every website, whether it’s e-commerce or anything to be powered by WordPress. And by doing so, we’ll make sure that the web can go back to being more open, more integrated and more user-centric than it would be if proprietary platforms become dominant,”

You can certainly predict that as you more is coming into the WordPress ecosystem and therefore you want to be there to bepart of this growth.

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