WordPress Crashed? Fast Site Restoration After a Sudden Crash

How to Restore your WordPress site or blog after a sudden crash

Has your wordpress crashed, webisite suddenly returned a white screen?  this is called a “white screen of death” in WordPress

Several actions may trigger  the screen of death, we name just a few, you need to take a stock of your actions that  will include

  • A theme update
  • did you just install a new plugin,
  • or even updated a plugin,
  • or updated your wordpress version,
  • or installed a new theme,
  • have you edited some PHP file manually in the theme editor?

Once you have identified possible actions that may have upset your website or blog, lets now go step by step and figure out how to recover the website.

Force deactivate / remove plugins

Plugins sometimes can cause the WordPress site to crush due to compatibility issues, it might be just a small bug. If the list above includes any actions involving some of your plugins, this is what you need to do:

If your are the hosting admin and have the Cpanel or FTP access (if you’re not quite sure how to do that – contact support and ask for instructions; they’ll help you out. FileZilla is one of the most recommended free FTP tool.

Once you access your CPanel, go to the root folder, access the plugins directory, which is under the wp-content/plugins, and rename or delete folder of plugin you may have added or edited.

Now go to your website and refresh it and check if its back. In case you have no responce you can rename the whole pluigin folder and try again.

Restore your default theme

If disabling or deleting the suspected plugins didn’t work, you can try restoring your theme, and revert back to the default theme. To do that, just you rename or delete your current theme’s directory from wp-content/themes.

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