WordPress.com enters premium web development business starting at $4,900

WordPress.com which is the business side of WordPress has announced that it is entering the custom premium website development business called Built By WordPress. This is part of Automattic Inc., an American global distributed company founded in August 2005 which runs websites that include WooCommerce, Gravatar, Jetpack, and Akismet, among others.

This new year announcement has however not been well received by the WordPress web development community who view this as their business being cannibalized or taken over by WordPress who they believe should just be running the ecosystem.

Happy 2021 folks!

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One user has already branded Automattic and WordPress the Amazon of web development business given the controversy of how Amazon created their own products to compete against the retailers selling on their platform.

The founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg has attempted to downplay these fears stating instead that this product is being built and launched only to compete with other web development CMS companies like Squarespace,or WIX where entry-level users in online business creation might turn to. This is all to keep any new businesses within the WordPress ecosystem.

This worry seems to be waning as more explanation or information is coming along. The announcement states:

If one of your 2021 resolutions is to launch a business or move an existing one fully online, our WordPress.com experts can help you make it happen.

Launched in beta in the fall of 2020, our premium website building service was developed with your needs in mind. Whether you need a fast and performant eCommerce store for your products and/or services, a polished website for your professional services firm, or an educational website for your online courses, our experts can build it for you on WordPress.com, the most powerful platform for businesses and enterprises large and small.

WordPress.com – Built By WordPress offerings.

The beta premium services have website building plans that are perfect for:

Online Stores

Online stores have especially become mainstream partly due to the COVID 19 Pandemic where more people are taking their businesses online to sell their products, ideas, or services. WooCommerce plugin plays a big part here.

Educational Websites

COVID 19 also unwittingly accelerated the online classes ecosystem and WordPress is banking on this newfound niche to help users who are creating webinars, podcasts, online courses, or more with a single platform that helps them connect with your audience, build a following, and earn an income from their content.

Professional Services

Specialty services have also not been left out, this Built By WordPress beta service is also targeting professional services with marketing tools to help you reach customers, and the functionalities to keep them growing.

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This Built By WordPress beta service seems more like an upgrade of the WordPress.com commercial offerings and looks like a big jumpstart to make more revenue. It is not known if this revenue model will click with the masses as the cost is pretty exorbitant to the small business owners.

One thing that is clear as Roger Montti writes on the searchenginejournal.com put it

The entire community wasn’t against the development. Some commented that this did not represent a head-on competition with the WordPress development community, as it was more about competing against companies like Wix and keeping more of the Internet within the WordPress ecosystem.

Read more about this new Built By WordPress development on the below links:

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