Top Usefull 2020 WordPress Predictions & Trends to Watch Out For

It is surely that time of the year fit to give 2020 WordPress predictions and a map of how we think this year will fair in the world of WordPress.

Indeed no doubt WordPress claims the crown for the most growing, widely used and trusted content management system for web design and development and commands of 34% of all the websites on the Internet and at a market share of 60.8% in the content management system domain. Its growth is truly phenomenal and inspiring, to think it has beat the likes of Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Wix, Grav ButterCMS, Ghost and Squarespace is mighty astounding.

WordPress has played the major role of being the go-to CMS and due to east of use id helping the users to build their websites. WordPress also is best at innovating has always looked into integrating newer technologies and trends such as block editors thus ensuring a constant flow of innovation process taking place for its users. Never forget the large community of users meaning ready easy to implement solutions whenever you face a problem. We also write a lot about these solutions here and invite you to subscribe and get a fresh look at WordPress every step of the way.

So today we will be revealing what we think are some of key 2020 WordPress predictions and trends that are going to rule the WordPress domain this year. So let’s dive right in

World’s Largest Businesses and Orgs will migrate to WordPress.

Yes this is our first. As we mentioned above WordPress commands the largest niche in the web and thus we will be seeing many large business owners migrating their websites and blogs to this very platform, YAAAY!!.

WordPress was once thought to be a platform primarily for small organizations and blogs, but true to its innovative nature and ease of use, it has become the defacto content management system that large companies are increasingly relying on to power their websites. So it makes our first 2020 WordPress predictions because this CMS is so easy it allows anyone and everyone to add content and upload images and videos with a definite role in the day to day functionality of the website, more large businesses are using it than ever before, including: BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, Sony Music, Microsoft News, TechCrunch, The Walt Disney Company, Facebook Newsroom, Chicago Sun Times, The Official Star Wars Blog, Vogue

Website Builders

In our past blog we discussed web builders, it is the newest trend that developers and users are using  to eliminate the bugging problem of having such a wide of WordPress themes and plug-ins  yet for smoother web development, some developers would find it difficult to create one. Therefore the Website Builders tool  give developers an easy avenue to the  What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface where users can customize their webpage design instantaneously.

Such web builders include the newest entry by Automatic WordPress  called Gutenberg which was launched by WordPress in 2018 with drag and drop interface to customize several areas of post or page. Others with similar features but comes with premium options include Elementor and Beaver. Let see how this fares in the 2020 WordPress predictions among website builders.

Multipurpose Themes where One Theme Serves and Rules Them All

The versatility of a theme is in its capability to server many purposes and increasingly, WordPress theme developers are opting to develop and install Multipurpose Themes.

WordPress themes surely inform, influence and style of your website’s layout, but the entry of Multi-purpose themes, however, brings in the instantaneous customizations and integrated plugins alongside other salient web design features making this another of our top 2020 WordPress predictions.

The age of purpose-specific themes (e.g. a corporate, an eCommerce or blog-focused theme) is coming to an end and rather than focusing on developing a WordPress Theme that will only allow users to install block editors alike Gutenberg blocks, developers will have to come up with ways and technologies that will be savvy enough to promote and support this new found freedom with multi-purpose themes that offer features for building all kinds of websites

The most core reason multi-purpose themes are gaining immense popularity and support is because of the fact that it covers a huge number of websites. Thus such themes can operate across a large number of independent websites, making them a favorite for large organizations which have a portfolio of micro websites and want to enhance and activate their business development opportunities by managing multiple sites at the same time.

Enter Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AI is certainly one of the most exciting emergent technologies, and it has been among the top trending  techs for some years now. It is not only an inevitable component of the vibrant digital transformation strategy but its numerous benefits, AI will boost user experience thus promoting the sites that implement it.

AI as a technology has been used to ensure reduced costs, automation of business units for enhancing customer satisfaction and improving productivity. It therefore falls among our 2020 WordPress predictions

A recent a survey by MindTree reports that 77% of organizations have already implemented some A.I. technologies into their workplaces. However as much as this happens, many of them end up losing out because of AI implementation done hastily without a well thougt our process, therefore proper planning is important.

Another domain is the Augmented reality

This is an exciting advance in technology that will change the way users are going to experience ecommerce and shop online. Such include adding a computer-generated image over top of a photograph or real world view. This trick will give a more real and functional look at the products. For example, a real estate or interior decorating company might install an AR plugin for their mobile app or give users ability allow users to upload pictures of  their, bedroom, living room, or garage and thus using AR to change the paint colors hues of the room, adjust lighting, and get decor ideas. A good example is the Ozisti for WooCommerce plugin where using photos,  users can interact with websites using AR seamlessly, leading to higher sales and improved customer experiences.

Voice Search and Voice optimization for WordPress Websites

Voice search and use has been in for a while and Siri, Alexa, and other voice-activated search assistants are growing in popularity. This joins our 2020 WordPress predictions. You can imagine that this 2020 it is estimated that half of all online searches will be done via voice search.

WordPress cannot be left behind, because by uploading voice search plugins, businesses and organizations will be able to offer the convenience features users are accustomed to.

Increasingly also, because voice search is becoming so prevalent, as a website owner, you might want to consider how you can leverage WordPress’s SEO features for voice search optimization. This is definitely a huge frontier

You can use keywords that relate to how people speak versus how they type, answering questions in your content. Target words that people searching or likely to ask, and creating content for that specifically and suited for voice search optimization. This will definitely improve your visibility online. Voice activated SEO or Voice Search Optimization.

Chat-bot integration

Another trend that is key for 2020 is the integration of chat-bots implemented with the CRM softwares  on WordPress. This expands the website use and enhances customer experience  to administer more user support. This feature will help you to not only monitor the visitor user clicks on different sections and promos even if they’ve downloaded a lead capture or interacted with the social channel.

Chabot’s will therefore add an array of benefits as a useful addition to your website since it works to understand human interaction and behavior.  Thus if fed with suitable information and properly trained with algorithms, they should really help to boost user interaction and overall experience on your the site increasing your revenue streams.

E-Commerce, E-Commerce, E-Commerce

Lastlty but not least eCommerce,  which has become an inseparable entity  and inevitable part and parcel of WordPress websites. Read our WooCommerce installation guides.  E-commerce is one extremely popular trend and will mostly definitely continue in the future as well. The WooCommerce plug-in has simplified thigs and helped in the task execution process immensely. Additionally with the latest ecommerce optimized multipurpose themes, users can easily develop and launch powerful e-commerce configuration system effortlessly. Not forgetting the many useful WooCommerce plug-ins that will be helping to carry out the mundane task execution process with great effect.

2020 comes with trends in this field like subscription-based services, mobile and personalized shopping will be seeing a steady growth in 2020 as well.

In Conclusion

Our 2020 WordPress predictions and trends forecasted for 2020 mainly span and target the web development space. WordPress definitely a truly  innovative platform as we have seen above that really helps users to develop websites to come their brand’s identity.

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