How To Temporarily Disable/Stop New Posts Email Notification subscriptions in Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins created by Automattic, the people behind The plugin has a vast array of robust and powerful features including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools available on to self-hosted WordPress sites. Certain themes come with the plugin preinstalled and activated.

If you are looking to notify your blog readers about your new post via email, this plugin gives you that feature. Sometimes however blog owners find a challenge when  they have a large number of posts that they want to publish all at once without bombarding their subscribers with all the email notices that would get sent out.

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So the question is, What is the most appropriate way to temporarily turn off Jetpack email notifications and then turn it back on so that notifications do not go out for a large batch of posts? and if when turned back on, does Jetpack plugin check to see what new posts were published and send out notifications anyway or are notifications only sent when Jetpack notifications is active at the time the Publish button was pressed?

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Here is the best way to temporarily disable  or stop new posts email notification to your subscribers. Initially, the subscribe button used to be available on the settings page, however the location of soem of the options including this particular one has changed over the years. Most recently, Jetpack has written their own documentation on how to find and disable the module. You can control all of Jetpack’s modules from one simple page.

So to disable the Jetpack subscribe module, Go to Jetpack → Dashboard and scroll to the bottom, …..Click Debug to open the “Debugging Center” page, …..Click the “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site.” link at the bottom. Locate the subscribe button then use the Activate or Deactivate buttons to control the status of the module.

JetPack activates most of its useful modules by default upon installation, so those don’t appear in the primary Settings interface.

All other modules in Jetpack can be activated in the same way.

If you still want to control whether or not these popular modules such as the subscription are on or off, or you simply want to control all of Jetpack’s modules from one page, you can find them directly:


How to disable Jetpack notifications on email

You can also find the list on Jetpack’s Debug page or the debugging page.

  1. Go to Jetpack → Dashboard and scroll to the bottom.
  2. Click Debug to open the “Debugging Center” page.
  3. Click the “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site.” link at the bottom.

You know you’ve landed in the right place when you see the following list:

The blue line on the left indicates that the module is active. Click the boxes next to the various modules to turn them on and off as desired.

When you hover over the module, you’ll see different options appear based on whether the module is active or not. You can also use the Activate and Deactivate buttons to control the status of the module.

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The Configure button that appears for activated modules will take you to the configuration area in the admin dashboard for that module.

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