How to Schedule Post in WordPress Without a Plugin

WordPress is one of the most versatile content management systems that gives users countels options on how to manipulate their content easily like to schedule post.

Did you know that WordPress has an option  to schedule your posts to be published in the future dates? This an extremely useful feature that can help you plan especially when you know you will not be available online. However this tool is slightly hidden and many users may struggle to find it.

Scheduling your posts, you never have to worry about publishing your articles at a specific time. You can finish writing and schedule them to go live on the day and timing of your choice. You can also backdate a post using the same feature.

Today in this post, we will guide you step by step how to easily schedule WordPress posts like a Pro.

How to Schedule Post in WordPress in 5 simple steps

Step 1: set the appropriate time zone

When publish your posts it will be posted according to the reader’s time zone. To adjust this, go to your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings section. Click on General menu. On the General Settings page select the appropriate time zone in the Time Zone Option & Save Changes.

If you don’t want to change the time zone then you should skip step 1, & continue from step 2.

Step 2: the Publish meta-box 
After you have writen your post and are ready to go, check the right-hand-top side of Edit Panel of your post, here you will notice the Publish meta-box.

Click on the Edit option provided right next to the Publish immediately button.

Step 3: set the date and time
Select and set the date and time when you want to publish your specific post. However you must note that to mention the time in PM format you have to specify it in the 24-hour clock time format. e.g. 1 PM will be written as 13:00.

The time will be based on your location settings where you can review in your Settings -> General page. Click on OK & then on Schedule button.

Step 4: Schedule post
After setting date and time, to schedule your post at this specified date & time, Click on Schedule button.

Step 5: How to re-schedule WordPress post
If you would want to re-schedule post to another date an time then click on the Edit option provided right beside the scheduled For button. Set the new publish date & time & update it.

Using the above same procedure you can re-publish the posts at the scheduled date & time which were published already.

Backdating your post: If you have writen a new post and you would want it to appear as though it was published a week or few days earlier, follow the same steps above setting a specific date and time

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