How to hide your WordPress theme’s name and default screenshot image

You may have developed your website but want to hide the real name of the WordPress theme, this is quite important for website owners so that Theme detectors or visitors don’t learn their active theme name.

First things first you can use the to check your theme then follow the below steps to change it

IMPORTANT: Backup Your Site Before Making Changes

First things first,  before adjusting any parts of your website, it is always a good idea to back up the contents of your site, so that if you accidentally break any part of the code, you can quickly fix it by restoring your website to an earlier version. This way your avoid a scenario where many people have lost valuable information and even whole websites by failing to back their websites up, and we would hate to see the same happen to you.

These steps may need you to do it on your own (but it is a bit high-risk because we will change some code and this needs understanding).

Step 1:

Firstly go to ftp or control panel file manager, expand wp-content/themes/ folder. And after that rename your theme folder to whatever you desire for example your brand name. It should be the first step after installing the wp theme because it will reset your theme setting (like freshly installed) when you change the theme name).

Step 2:

Open your theme folder and also open a style.css file. In leading part of style.css you will certainly see theme name. Rename it and also save changes.


Theme Name: WPChase…(Change this to your preferred name)

Description: WordPress Tip…..add your own.

Author: WpChase

Author URI:

Template: TwentyFourteen

Version: 1.0.0

Text Domain:  Awesome Sauce by Montlake Media


Step 3:

Go to Wp-admin/appearance/themes and activate your theme under new name.

That’s all. Now theme detectors cannot find which theme you are making use of.

Keep in mind 1: If you are making use of child/parent theme and you also rename parent theme folder & name, so after Step 3 you should additionally change parent theme path in child theme’s style.css.

Keep in mind 2: Take into consideration that renaming your theme will stop its automated updates, you must do it manually in the future.

Step 4.

Replace the default screenshot image with yours

According to the WordPress Codex for theme development, the recommended theme screenshot size is 1200px wide by 900px tall. The screenshot will usually be shown smaller but the over-sized image allows for high-resolution viewing on HiDPI displays. Note that because the Manage Themes screen is responsive, the top and bottom of the screenshot image might not be viewable so keep graphics near the center.

If you are a beginner following this article and want to change the screenshot of your theme as displayed in Manage Themes screen in your WordPress dashboard, you can create a screenshot file as recommended above and upload it to the theme directory.

You will need a FTP program like Filezilla or Atom, and your FTP login details. After you have logged in using the FTP program, navigate to the Theme directory and upload the screenshot.png file. You will need to replace the existing screenshot file.

You can use free plugins to change your WordPress theme name such as ‘Hide My WP’ plugin to customize and secure the wordpress installations.

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