How to disable Feedback Comments on WordPress to prevent BOT spam

Lately, WordPress website owners have been receiving hundreds or even up to a thousand feedback comments per day. Most of these are annoying BOT generated spam. Disabling feedback comments could be one of the methods to prevent this, however, you might end up blocking even those legitimate comments/feedback, thus that is not a good enough option anymore.
Users who have the Jetpack contact form feature enabled can disable people from commenting, but then still get a great nuisance of spammy comments coming through from the “feedback” form. The hidden form feature is usually enabled by default, and this blog post does thus just that, show you how to turn it off.

Let us get right into it,

How To Disable Feedback Comments from spammy bots on

To access the feature, go to your WordPress dashboard, select Jetpack on the left toolbar, and click the dashboard tab.

Scroll further down to the bottom of the page and look out for the line of greyed out links, which reads as follows: [Jetpack version 8.7.1 | About | Terms | Privacy | Modules | Debug].

We are looking for the Debug link usually the furthest right, Click the Debug link

Once this loads, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link that reads “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site.”

Once you click this, you will access the full list of all the Jetpack modules. Look out for the “Contact Form” [It comes near the top] and then click ‘deactivate’ to disable.

Watch the quick video below

That is all, you have now successfully disabled the Feedback comments, if you check you will notice that the Feedback tab has also been removed from the WordPress dashboard sidebar.

I hope this guide helped you sort out the comments.

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