Godaddy Adds Disclaimer Alert on its Domain Appraisal tool

Have you ever wondered what your domain name was worth? or really want to know how much your domain is worth? This is surely an important question that’s worth answering.

You might be having a domain that’s about to expire or are eager to sell it off to that domain name buyer who has been contacting you out of the blue. It is very important to get an accurate domain valuation for your name through the use of a Domain Appraisal tool.

What is the value of a domain name?

The value of a domain name is the price one has to pay in order to purchase a name for their website. Domain name costs could range from a one-digit number like 5$ to as large as 6- or 7-digit numbers, for example, 100, 000$. This depends on several valuation factors that have been developed using Domain Appraisal Tool algorithms.

Getting a good domain name is valuable, you never know your domain could just be the name of the next big start-up or brand.

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Domain Appraisal tool

How then do you get to know the real worth of that domain name?, several large hosting companies like GoDaddy have developed Domain Appraisal Tool to give you the estimated values.

Godaddy has added the disclaimer below to its valuation tool

! Estimated Value

GoDaddy estimates the value of each domain by looking at millions of historical domain name sales. The estimated value may or may not rely upon this particular domain’s sales data, as the domain may not have previously sold. Sellers may ask, and you may ultimately settle, for a price below or above this estimated value.

We hope such tips help you when you are scouting for a good domain name, whether as a domain investor or just want to grab a domain name for your blog or business.

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