Elementor and LearnDash intergration for easier online course customization

LearnDash LMS has announced a collaboration with Elementor page builder to create an integration that allows for easier online course customizations.

This setup means that LearnDash design elements which were previously difficult or impossible to customize are now easily editable to match your website brand with Elementor, this includes the color scheme and event font choices!

This now prevents your website from having elements that look different from the rest of the theme can give sites a less polished finish.  A good website is where your visitors and users can differentiate between the plugin and the rest of the site. This integration makes that a possibility.

Getting started with the Elementor integration for LearnDash.

The new integration is part of our Compatibility Add-ons, and it works just like any other WordPress plugin.

From the backend of your WordPress website, simply navigate to LearnDash LMS > Add-ons. Find the LearnDash Elementor Integration plugin, click Install Now, and then on the redirect page, click Activate Plugin.

You must have Elementor activated on your website for the integration to work. The integration is not a replacement for installing Elementor itself.

Once activated you have two resources for getting started:

  1. Learndash Elementor Integration documentation
  2. Page Builders + LearnDash User Guide

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What does the new integration allow you to do?

Elementor is a page builder, designed to make it easier for users to build WordPress websites, both for creators without a lot of coding background, and designers who want a tool to help their work go faster.

Most high-quality WordPress themes integrate with Elementor, making it easier to edit elements and fine-tune the design. In fact, the LearnDash demo site uses it!

In turn, Elementor offers a range of integrations with other popular marketing and CRM tools, including MailChimp, Zapier, and HubSpot. With LearnDash added to the list, Elementor’s functions extend into the world of online education as well.

The LearnDash integration adds LearnDash-specific elements to the design panel that users see when updating their websites. Elementor users can drag-and-drop these elements into their website wherever needed.

New templates

The Elementor integration introduces four new page templates specifically designed for this online education plugin. These are templates for courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes. Templates help users build out pages quickly, making it easier to add learning content.

Across the new range of templates, users will easily be able to edit elements such the sizing and color of call-to-action buttons, the styling of breadcrumbs, navigation buttons, progress bar, and course status.

New widgets

The new set of LearnDash widgets allows users to insert editable design elements and functions anywhere on their websites. These widgets are available in Elementor’s design panel, where they are easy to insert onto any page of your website.

  • LearnDash Login – Shortcode: [learndash_login]
  • Profile – Shortcode: [ld_profile]
  • Course List – Shortcode: [ld_course_list]
  • Lesson List – Shortcode: [ld_lesson_list]
  • Topic List – Shortcode: [ld_topic_list]
  • Quiz list – Shortcode: [ld_quiz_list]
  • Course Certificate – Includes certificate download option
  • Widgets for courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes

Learn more about the LearnDash and Elementor offerings for users to have more control over their site and their e-learning content on this blog post by Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.

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