Continuous scroll on mobile devices introduced for Google Search

Google has announced a new development where mobile users will now have continuous scroll also known as infinite scroll in the search results. Users will now  have continous scrolling instead of coming upon a “See More” button for approximately four pages of search results before seeing the “See More” link, Google said in a press release about the decision.

What does this mean for SEO?

To the bloggers, this does not necessarily affect your search potential in the SERP, well certainly Google itself will not experience what its staffer Martin Splitt explained  that infinite scroll on your website causes SEO problems because Googlebot doesn’t scroll.

What does this mean for Advertizers?

The continous scroll launch has had advertisers wondering what will happen to their Google Ads on mobile devices to which Mohamed Farid, Product Manager at Google Ads explained that this “does not affect how the ad auction works or the way Ad Rank is calculated,”. But there may be some expected changes in the normal metrics, in that Advertisers may begin to  see more mobile impressions but get a lower CTR on Search, Shopping, and Local Ads.

To Google however, Infinite or continous scroll stands to benefit Google automatically since if users scroll through more search results they will be exposed to more and more ads. This is even made more valid in that the ads will now be spread out through out the search results rather thatn the usual orientation where ads are placed at the top and bottom of each page. Will users be confused as to what search results are ads and which are non-ad findings?

The contonous scroll will be piloted only in the US. The company has not stated an ETA for the full rollout of infinite scroll, or for when the feature might be offered outside the U.S.

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