Amazing Country Code Domain Names ccTLDs and Their Creative online Uses

When looking for domain names, most people focus on the big top-level domains like .COM, .ORG, .NET, but there is a second layer of domains that have attracted quite an interesting usage, far from the initial intended use. These are the country code top-level domains (ccTLD) or simple Country Code Domain Names and they featuring 1284 Domain Name Extensions.

Every country in the world has its own country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) that consisting of two letters for instace .US for USA, .UK for United Kingdom, .CN for China, etc. In some cases, there is the second and third levels ie. .uk and You will find that most often, the third level domains are used by the government organizations, military, education, commerce, and other geographical regions. All ASCII ccTLD identifiers are therefore two letters long, and all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs.

Several ccTLDs are closed and restricted, as they are managed exclusively by their respective countries themselves. This means that to register them, there is a certain standard process as required by the country’s organization in charge, and may differ from each other for example, some require proof of residency in the country. However, there are also some countries that do not restrict their ccTLDs and thus openly market and encourage people from around the world to register and use them.

List of country code Top Level Domain ccTLDs

The full list of useful Country Code Domain Names or ccTLDs you can use for your website

Given the interesting combination of letters, some country code top-level domains have attracted an unintended usage, lets look at some of these, you might actually be using one now.


AM for this who listened to the AM band radios might ring a bell. It is the country domain for Armenia but can also be used for AM band based radio stations, though many are being taken over by the FM. If you are like the musician you might find use as It’s also popular online streaming, especially with gamers who also use the .GG below. 


.BE is the country code for Belgium, however the name .BE is popular with the various Tube websites and the link or URL shortening services like bitly. 


This is the country domain for Guernsey and has found usage in the gaming industry and community. For instance .GG could be used for a gaming group. It has become very popular in the gaming world for use in game servers, Discord servers, and much mus more.  Since anyone can register a .GG domain name.


The next in this list is the ccTLD domain for Jersey (here this name is for the actually the Channel Island, and not the US State of Jersey, don’t get confused about these two).

People are using this domain space and relevance in the Spanish-speaking humor in Spanish speaking countries like Chile where ‘Je’ can mean ‘heh’ in Spanish. It is also widely used in France, because ‘Je’ in French means ‘I.’ 


Yes you guessed it, this is one of the most used buzzword now, AI for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is however the country domain name for Caribbean country of Antigua and is famous in the fast-growing Artificial intelligence tech space.  It is quite a catchy one among the ccTLDs.


This is another one just like the AI. It is the Country Code Domain Name for the British Indian Ocean Territory which really does not have many people but largely the American military base.

This now main is also hot in the tech world, I/O is the shorthand for input/output – one of the fundamental concepts of computer programming. IO is thus quite popular in the tech space where tech companies that missed their corresponding .COM, .Net domain names can grab the .IO cctlds domain. 


Aha! we all know where this is going FM for radio stations. However, this is the domain name for the collection of islands spread out in the Pacific Ocean called the Federated States of Micronesia.

It is very popular for radio, and podcasting world. So if you are looking to have an online radio or audio streaming service, this might be it, get you a .FM. ‘


If you know the US territory in the Caribbean of Puerto Rico, then this is its own country code in the domain world. This domain has found usage in the public relations field where companies even register their .PR domain for use in sending out and hosting all its press communications.


Montenegro gives us this unlikely domain name. Most people use it for online resumes or people registering their personal websites. The name might also ring a bell as the initials for the Middle East or the US state of Maine. For example, an oil company would call itself and many others.


This about someone investing in your startup?, or you are an investor who wants a website, then you might be checking some .vc websites. This is the domain for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but has found great use by the  Venture Capital firms, most based in the Silicon Valley.


Last but not least is this domain name used for the island of Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean. Just like the .AM, and .Fm, this domain name has attracted the television ‘TV’ industry and this it is one of the most popular alternative domain names, especially in the entertainment world, we might soon have for our own youtube channel here, where you can watch explainer videos about WordPress tips, By the way, you are welcome to subscribe, more videos will be uploaded soon.

To see the whole list of Country Code Domain Names or ccTLDs, go here

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