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How to Add a Jetpack Subscription Form Below Your Blog Posts

Blog subscriptions are one best way to get your readers be notified as soon as you publish a new blog story. And if you have Jetpack, then its a one-stop shop plugin for the right job. Jetpack Subscription allows you to add the Subscriptions module which sends an email to your subscribers every time you […]

How to use Jetpack for uptime or downtime monitoring for WordPress websites

Online presence in today’s digital world, has proved to be the lifeblood of your business, think of this more like the reception desk of your company or organization. For this reason uptime or downtime monitoring very important that your website is continuously monitored to ensure that it is up and running and that you mitigate […]

How to Install, activate and connect the Jetpack plugin

Jetpack is one of the most a popular WordPress plugins created by Automattic, the developers behind The plugin comes with some of the most powerful features available on to self-hosted WordPress sites, and thereby contributing greatly to the improvement of WordPress powered blogs and websites. Installing the Jetpack plugin This document will help you […]

How To Migrate JetPack Subscribers to MailChimp or Other Email Service

Blogs need building lists to encourage mroe readers and also to let your readers know about a new post coming. To achieve this, the WordPrss JetPack plugin makes it easy for you to add posts-by-email subscription to your website. Why do you need to Build an Email List now You are probably using Facebook, Twitter […]

How To Temporarily Disable/Stop New Posts Email Notification subscriptions in Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins created by Automattic, the people behind The plugin has a vast array of robust and powerful features including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools available on to self-hosted WordPress sites. Certain themes come with the plugin preinstalled and activated. If you are looking […] enters premium web development business starting at $4,900 which is the business side of WordPress has announced that it is entering the custom premium website development business called Built By WordPress. This is part of Automattic Inc., an American global distributed company founded in August 2005 which runs websites that include WooCommerce, Gravatar, Jetpack, and Akismet, among others. This new year announcement […]

How to disable Feedback Comments on WordPress to prevent BOT spam

Lately, WordPress website owners have been receiving hundreds or even up to a thousand feedback comments per day. Most of these are annoying BOT generated spam. Disabling feedback comments could be one of the methods to prevent this, however, you might end up blocking even those legitimate comments/feedback, thus that is not a good enough […]

5 Most Common Ways WordPress Websites Break

WordPress remains among the largest CMS ecosystems with plenty of support forums and this makes it one of the most user-friendly and trouble shootable platforms ever when having problems with the WordPress websites. However with all these, things always sometimes break, As Murphy’s law states, Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Being a […]

WP Maintenance Plugin fixes flaw that allowed malicious code injection by hackers

Plugins are part of the core tols that enable WordPress websites to run properly. However it is also important to ensure that your plugins are not an entry point for attackers to inser malicious code that will endanger the visitors. In this age of GDPR you also want to prevent loss of data. It is […]

WordPress Parent Company Automattic Raises $300M in Series D Investment Round

The company behind WordPress, WooCommerce, Automattic, has raised a funding of $300 million in a series D round from Salesforce’s venture capital (VC) arm Salesforce Ventures. This raises its valuation to to $3 Billion This is Automattic’s first exeternal investment since its $160 million series C round back in 2014, which valued the company at […]

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